Throughout my fourth year project, Dementia Care, the experience of place and user interaction with space was considered at building, site and masterplan scales. The urban masterplan responded to the demographic challenge our cities face today, and the architecture was designed to amplify the external environment to stimulate the senses, and enhance the experiential day-to-day journey from morning to evening. 
I invested significant time in researching and understanding the needs of the user and the characteristics of dementia. This allowed me to confidently justify my design decisions and create a series of meaningful places that directly benefitted the health and wellbeing of dementia sufferers. The research and evidence based practice is an element of design that I am passionate about and delivering a scheme that directly responds to the needs of the user is important to me.
Reiterating form in response to research and user needs 
Research summary and initial building diagram
1-1 Detail exercise determining structure | Initial site concept sketch 
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